Complain from Robert

mybkexperienceSeptember 12, 2018, at 3:21 pm

My experience at the Burger King at 1970 N. KINGS WAY, Nash, Texas75569, 903-831-6999. The survey number is 25709-96111-20313-080852. The Mexican lady they had taking orders does not understand English. We had to repeat our order at least three times on the Pa system when we placed our order Then we go tot he window to pay and she still did not have our order right and wanted to charge us $7.00 dollars more. I was so angry I had to leave.

My Son went inside to place the order and asked me to stay in the car because he knew how furious I was and he did not want my food may be tampered with in retaliation for the for incompetency displayed by the Mexican woman. The Mexican woman REFUSED TO TAKE my Son’s order, so another counter employee took his.

His order took longer than expected but we did not have time to go to another Burger King across town for our food. Since we had to return our appointment we had to keep.

We will no longer buy any food from this Burger King location. We will begin by word of mouth to pass the word for our friends and neighbors not to go there as well to buy food any longer.

Thank you to MyBKExperience.

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