Comment from Larry

mybkexperienceThis BK is at #12351Peoples Plaza Newark, De

I was taking my wife to work early in the morning and decided we could use a quick meal. So we pulled into the BK drive through. The speaker used to place orders was leaning like it was about to fall over and the menu had bird droppings all over it. I had a hard time seeing the meals through the poop. Once I figured out what we wanted peering around the bird droppings we began to place our order.

The young lady who took our order was extremely RUDE and unprofessional. When we asked a question about the food she became extremely irate and shouted back that she had already told us that when in fact we hadn’t even begun to order. Once we drove around to pick up the food it took a long time especially since we were the only customers there. That’s why I am giving my comment on MyBKExperience.

Our food was nothing short of pig feed. My ham egg and cheese croissant were as flat as a pancake and the ham looked wet and slimy with a slight green color while my wife’s sandwich had a deep thumbprint pushed into it. We through the food to the dogs and even they rejected it! I will never go to another BK for as long as I live. Would rather starve than deal with such horrible customer service and food not suited for consumption by anything alive.

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